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Art will resume when I get a new tablet. Until then, feel free to send requests or ideas.
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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

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S.W.A.T. Team Wedding Photos Are More Romantic Than Tactical

The photos were even uploaded on the Chongqing S.W.A.T.’s official social networking site. 


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This is what victory looks like. (I’ve just finished redrawing up to where I was previously, in the new file type)
I don’t want to draw panels again like that in bulk for at least a few days… Ok so I’m doing each chapter in bulk, but I need a rest @_@

Also, I’m tagging all my future comic progress posts with #comiprog, in case you don’t want to see them.

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Natasha and Clint

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Fan Bingbing in Georges Chakra’s Fall 2012 couture gown (X-Men: Days of Future Past World Premiere, May 10)
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Ahaha! The experiment was sucessful! Now, to go finish the rest of this page and the two I need to redraw!

…Painting is my favourite bit of this, but it takes less than half the time which is a tad depressing. Oh well, at least it means I’ll reach my 5 hour target!

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…. and so I restart all of yesterday’s work  due to a format mess up

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Rita Ora for Cavalli

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One hour to colour these… plus lining them all took three hours yesterday… If I did cel shading, they’d all take two hours each to complete. It seems like I’ve got enough time to paint them all instead!

If I can keep it down to five hours per page, how awesome would that be! I’m not too worried about making them all look perfect at the moment, since that will come with time and practice. I’m discovering shortcuts to speed things up all the time, so hopefully by the time I’ve done a couple of chapters, the pages should look much better!

In the future, I’ll probably redo these pages, but there’s no sense spending 10+ hours on a page now if I’m only going to go and redraw it completely in a year or two to print (if this even gets that far, fingers crossed!)

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