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Sometimes you’d catch a glimmer of shadow magic in an empty apartment, just a trace, but from a source powerful enough that you knew to keep your distance. Why she’d come to this city was a mystery to you, but it was a wonder that Scofflaw hadn’t exchanged blows with her yet, if he even knew about her.

Soon after, people began to go missing. Sporadic scenes of destruction seemed to follow in her wake, tearing apart the balance of power in the city. Bodies turned up days later, as if they had been mauled by some kind of beast.

Then she appeared to you.

Your name is Pernicious Innovator and you are currently in the presence of possibly the most dangerous being this side of the Outer Ring.

Inspired by a recent drawing on the Pernicious Innovator tag. I just really wanted to draw the two shadow magic users, then it turned into the beginning of a fanfic. Oops. I really want to continue this now.

Seriously, I will draw copious amounts of fanart for someone who writes a fic involving these two. And I won’t spend 30 minutes on it like I did this one.

[edit: and it’s not Rose doing the murders in this instance…]

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