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Promstuck South UK!

It’s now definitely on! We have the venue booked, so now we’ve just got to spread the word! [signal boosts much appreciated]

Date: Wednesday 29th August

Time: 3pm to 8pm (with an hour either side for anyone who wants to help pack up, it may over run a bit at the end)

Location: Parish Church, Church Lane, Leatherhead, Surrey. Near Leatherhead train station (it’s hard to find on google maps)

Facebook event page:

(Former event page: )

Facebook Promstuck group:

Ticket price: £5 (can be bought online shortly via paypal! Please PM me for the address to gift it to. By paying online in advance you are making my job that much easier on the night)

A formal evening - but in Homestuck cosplay! Come as your favourite character but in formal attire, whether that’s your prom dress or a suit or tuxedo. Anything along those lines!

There will be Homestuck themed food, live music and a DJ! It is requested that you bring along an item of either food or drink to help contribute, as this also keeps the ticket costs down.

There is local accommodation, and the venue is just a short walk from the train station.

Facepaint is allowed, but on the face and neck only to prevent transferring it to any furniture or someone’s outfit. Arm socks are recommended as an alternative. No large horns please, you can bring them for photos but if someone turns up with Summoner horns they will be asked to remove them for most of the event, purely so no-one gets knocked out and nothing gets damaged. We request that you keep swearing to a minimum and smoking outside to regulate with UK laws (preferably slightly away from the door so it doesn’t drift in, as some people have asthma). Fun fact, profanity in public is actually against the law, though is not enforced much any more. Strictly no alcohol, as the venue does not allow it and there are minors attending.

…I think that’s all? Please join the facebook group and the new event page to get updated instantly, I shall update this post with details on where to buy the tickets as that is organised. If you have a question feel free to PM me.

I shall be greeting people at the door and making sure everyone has tickets as Spades Slick, so don’t try to get past me just ‘cause I can only see out of one eye ;D This is a non-profit even so any money left over from paying the venue will go towards a raffle or the next event!

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